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Personal Training in Richmond, Isleworth, Chichester and Portsmouth with Enrich Fitness
Individually tailored personal training to help you achieve your fitness goals

Enrich Fitness is a personal training company covering Richmond, Isleworth, Chichester, Portsmouth and other areas in South West London, Hampshire and West Sussex. It is run by Personal Trainers Sian and Carrie, two sisters with a passion for fitness and exercise. We love exercising and the feeling we get from a great workout, whether that be through a group exercise class, playing sports or running by the river.
Why do people choose Enrich Fitness for Personal Training?
Personal Training Tick in blue Get rid of some extra pounds Personal Training Tick in pink Make getting into shape fun
Personal Training Tick in blue Get in shape for the party season Personal Training Tick in pink Times and places to suit your lifestyle
Personal Training Tick in blue Improve all round wellbeing Personal Training Tick in pink Improve confidence and strength

Check out loads more reasons and benefits here

Whatever your current fitness level we can work with you

Making training fun with Enrich Fitness

Let's make it fun!

We believe a relaxed and fun environment is an essential part of a fitness programme. Our sessions are fun, creative and individually tailored to your needs.

We can train you in a group, with a friend or partner, or on a one to one basis and offer a range of booking options. We welcome clients of all ages and fitness levels.

Lifestyle Personal Training

Fitting in with your lifestyle

We make exercise convenient to your lifestyle. We offer personal training away from the gym, either in your home, office or outdoors.

We train across South West London, Hampshire and West Sussex. We offer personal training in Richmond, Isleworth, Twickenham, Chichester, Portsmouth and Emsworth to name a few.

click here for a list of areas we cover >>>

Personal Training - New to exercise

New to exercise?

Whether you are new to exercise or are training to run a marathon, we can work with you to meet your fitness goals.

We can help you to lose weight, tone up for a special occasion, shift that baby weight or simply get fit. We firmly believe that commitment to an effective exercise programme can improve anyone's fitness.

find out more >>>

So if you are looking for a female personal trainer for home or outdoor training, contact us for a free consultation with no obligation to book. We cover Richmond, Isleworth, Chichester and Portsmouth as well as many other parts of South West London, Hampshire and West Sussex.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Get started now: Call Your Personal Trainers Sian and Carrie on 07855 779 120 (Sian) or 07815 961 008 (Carrie)



What our clients say about Personal Training with Enrich Fitness:

"I started training with Sian 13 weeks before my wedding, determined to look and feel my best on my wedding day. Not only did she work around my crazy work schedule to fit in as many sessions as I could before the big day but I left every session feeling great and with a big smile on my face.

Sian is such an inspiration; she was always waiting for me with a big smile even if she was about to tell me to hold the plank for a very long time! Her bubbly, happy disposition made it bearable and I soon saw results. I lost 2 inches off my waist, an inch off my hips and 3 inches from my legs which I know I couldn't have done without her constant support and varied routines.

Sian challenged and pushed me to get the best results - even my husband to be joined in on some of the sessions - and the fun competitions Sian introduced kept us motivated to achieve our goals.

I would recommend Sian in a heartbeat - she is a fantastic trainer with an infectious enthusiasm and I am forever grateful to her for helping me look my best on my wedding day. Thank you."

H Bliss, Isleworth

My partner and I have been working with Sian since early last year. My partner runs and swims regularly and has found Sian invaluable for helping her strengthen and correct muscle imbalance.
The only thing I enjoy is walking, but Sian has helped to strengthen the muscles I do not normally use. Recently I have had some health issues, and Sian has been able to work round these to help me increase my fitness.
My partner is in her sixties, and I am in my seventies. Sian’s visits have been extremely helpful to both of us. On a personal level Sian gets on well with us both, and has a good sense of humour. As far as I am concerned she encourages me to keep going, but is not at all dictatorial (which would be a problem). However, her enthusiasm and energy are infectious.
We have found Sian to be friendly, knowledgeable, professional and punctual. She always arrives exactly on time, and with a smile.

I strongly recommend Sian to anyone in our age group, even if you are not a fan of exercise. Although as a younger person I did not do as much training as I should have done, it is important to me to stay as strong and flexible as possible in old age. Sian is helping me with this.

Mary Russell, Ham

I have been having personal training sessions with Carrie for over 4 years now. I am a 68 year old woman who suffers from arthritis, and she is able to adapt very well to my personal needs. She is kind, caring and funny but also very understanding. She is good with working with older people, especially focusing on exercises that will help with the arthritis. We also integrate my physio exercises into the sessions too. Not only that, I have had no falls for the last 3 years, thanks to the core stability and strengthening exercises we do. I enjoy my personal training sessions with Carrie and feel they fit into my lifestyle very well.

D.Scholtes , Hampton

"I suffer from a lot of neck and shoulder pain especially when I am stressed. Carrie introduced the Acuball to me after one of our PT sessions and it was amazing.
It really helped to relieved all the pressure around my neck and the pain. I use it now after all my exercise sessions and find it very useful!"

T.Sekar, New Malden

"After endless sessions at the gym, on my own & the odd class I decided to look for a female personal trainer in Isleworth. I knew I wanted a female who was going to understand my needs yet motivate me to get fit & tone up.

Once I met Carrie, we clicked totally & now I love her weekly sessions which are different & challenging each week. Since starting my sessions in January 2011 with Carrie my body shape has changed, my fitness levels have improved beyond recognition & I can even run longer than a minute - something I have always wanted to achieve!

I am signing up my fourth block of sessions & with me feeling & looking the way I am now, I definitely am not going back! Miraculously, I have managed to really enjoy & make fitness a part of my life now".

J Mundae, Isleworth

"I started personal training sessions with Sian to improve my overall fitness as I had lacked motivation during the winter months to exercise. The sessions were hard work but Sian made them really enjoyable. She varied the workouts so that I was always challenged and she is excellent at motivating you when you feel like giving up! With each session I improved my fitness and was able to chat that little bit more while exercising instead of being completely out of breath! As a result of the sessions, I definitely felt I had more energy and felt stronger overall. Thank you Sian!"

L.S from Sutton, Surrey

"I would heartily recommend Sian as a personal trainer. The programme she writes for you is very well tailored individually, and she is very thorough in her preparation.  She is also very flexible about working around your schedule.  During the sessions themselves she is very encouraging and knows exactly how to push you and keep you motivated.  I only stopped using Enrich Fitness Personal Training because I moved away from the area.  I miss her sessions!"

M.Woodward, Twickenham

I'd signed up to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, which many think is a Comic Relief walk in the park, but I knew I had to get some training in, and I'm so glad I did because it turned out to be the hardest thing I've ever done, in pitch black blizzard conditions, and all the training that Sian put me through, aiding my mental strength aswell as physical, paid off when I reached the summit!

Sian's enthusiasm pushed me through new barriers and she made each session interesting by devising a new workout specific to my challenge every time.  I wanted a personal trainer in Twickenham, where I live, as my work meant that I had to train at 5.45am and Sian was there waiting for me on The Green every time, in the cold & darkness!

Pushing me to my limit (which I had asked for in the briefing) Sian wouldn't let me get away with anything. She really knows how the body works, and explained what each exercise would do and would also quickly adapt the session if I had a niggle somewhere too.

I would recommend Sian to anyone considering a physical challenge in their life, however big or small, Sian will help you get there, and by the way, we had a great laugh too!"

D Smith, Twickenham

"For most new mums, getting back to your normal shape and size before becoming pregnant is often a priority. I tried several different post-natal exercise classes after my son was born but found it hard to do any exercise with a screaming baby by my side. I decided to look for a personal trainer in Surbiton and found Carrie. Having Carrie come over to my house whilst my son has his lunch time nap has been a godsend.  It has meant that I can get a full hour of one to one exercise each week where I otherwise would not have been able to. I have been seeing Carrie for over a year now and have seen remarkable improvements to my fitness and physique. Unlike going to a gym where you end up doing the same old thing so it becomes a bore, Carrie varies your exercise regime each session, which makes the session more interesting and she really pushes you to achieve your ultimate goal. It has been a delight having Carrie as my personal trainer as not only do I get to train in the comfort of my own home, Carrie listens to your needs and always keeps you motivated. I am always left feeling good about myself and training after Carrie leaves. She has become a good friend."

L Garrod, Surbiton